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The unvaccinated – scapegoats or what?

The unvaccinated – scapegoats or what?

Dear Editor,

When the coronavirus began to spread across the world in the first quarter of 2020, we heard the word asymptomatic so frequently that even those who had never known the word before can now comfortably use it in a sentence correctly. That word has fallen into disuse and now unvaccinated is the only word being touted by the media. There is not a news bulletin aired without unvaccinated being mentioned. The unvaccinated are being likened to asymptomatic, I presume. The hospitalized are mainly unvaccinated. The dying are unvaccinated.

It seems that the media, which is supposed to be free of political influence or interference, continues to deluge us with unvaccinated, deadlier strains among other fear-mongering tactics presumably according to the “world order”. Where is the media that will not censure or demonize those who have opted to wait for more studies to be done on the vaccines before allowing themselves to be injected with same?

I liken this vaccine drive to democracy and its strong opposition to any other form of governance. We often hear, “We must defend our democracy from outside threats.” Now, we are hearing that we must defend the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Has any study been done to see how the vaccinated who have either ditched their masks or have returned to pre-COVID habits have been contributing to the spread of the virus? If any has been or is being done, I do not expect it to make news.

I thought I heard them say that vaccines were not approved but rather authorized for emergency use only. Then why this crazy push to get everyone to take it? There is this huge debate, which is further dividing us as a people – the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. The science is clear that those with certain underlying health issues have not fared well when the coronavirus enters their system. I believe that everyone should examine themselves and see if they want to take the vaccine. It should not be forced upon them at any point.

In any event, which vaccine should I take? Should I decide to take the vaccine, why can’t I get the Russian, Chinese, Iranian or Cuban vaccine? Is it not my democratic right to choose if I take the vaccine and which to take? Of course not. We have been programmed to believe that any country that is undemocratic is the archenemy. Yet, the continent that birthed democracy has committed the greatest atrocities against humanity: slavery, apartheid, racism, ethnic cleansing, divide and rule, plundering, the holocaust, buccaneering and piracy, among others.

I put it to you that the increase in recent hospitalizations both locally and around the world cannot only be blamed on the unvaccinated, but blame must also be levied at the foot of the vaccinated who have now become asymptomatic carriers. The vaccinated have forgotten that the vaccine is not a cure but simply to help reduce hospitalization should they contract the virus. The vaccinated are told to ditch their masks in some jurisdictions, no need for COVID-19 tests to re-enter, especially the PCR, which is costly and considered to be the gold standard. I wonder what makes it gold and whose pockets are being lined with the gold. Which is the silver and bronze standard? That is up for another discussion.

The recent pronouncements by the French president must not be taken for granted. The unvaccinated will not be allowed to enter bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, planes and trains, and all healthcare workers must be vaccinated by September 15 or else they cannot go to work, nor will they be paid. This is a calculated decision to corner and strip the rights of people in a democratic society.

The French have always been a people who have stood up for their rights. They ditched constitutional monarchy for a republic, even beheading royals in the process. Out of their revolution, we have three great pillars upon which their freedoms are guaranteed: liberté, égalité, et fraternité (liberty, equality, and fraternity). The ensuing democratic governments have all included these three important pillars. What might the forefathers of the revolution say about this?

These pronouncements are tantamount to a push toward dictatorial power, something with which democracy is diametrically opposed. The French president’s statement is a threat to democratic freedom. I expect to hear such pronouncements from countries that do not have a democratic form of governance, yet they have not made any such statements. I wonder why. The answer could be easily deduced: (1) the vaccine is not a cure for the virus; (2) no one really knows the side effects of the vaccines since years of study must be done in order to know.

The media constantly bombards us with the side effects of COVID-19, the new and much deadlier variants, which, in my estimation, is a psychological ploy to drive fear in people. However, nobody is telling us about the side effects of the vaccines, or the number of deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. What is the cause of death of a healthy 40-year-old individual who recently took the vaccine? I put it to you that the cause of death will be heart attack or some other medical pronouncement, which even the medical pathologist himself does not believe.

We are still in an information war, and we are left to the mercies of the world. Which media houses should I believe? There were many conspiracies surrounding the beginnings of the coronavirus. I remember one being the creation of the virus in a laboratory, but they were all dismissed by the media, and “competent” authorities, and labelled as disinformation (fake news).

The World Health Organization visited Wuhan, China, to investigate the beginning of the virus, yet its findings were inconclusive. We are just now being told that the COVID-19 virus likely started/came about in a laboratory. Which laboratory and/or in which country? Can we always take things at face value?

Where are the investigative journalists who will rummage the thick layers to get to the bottom of the issue for their audience? Oh, I have forgotten that they need funding and/or their license may be rescinded. I long for the day when journalists return to being apolitical and just do their jobs to inform the public.

We continue to exhibit what I term the Adam-Eve syndrome, where Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the devil. We have to find someone to blame. The unvaccinated cannot be the sole cause of the increase in the number of coronavirus cases. People have a choice to take or not take the vaccine. If the media and competent authorities want us to ditch our democratic stance, then say so. But remember, we cannot be undemocratic today, then democratic tomorrow. We cannot keep flip-flopping like that.

As responsible individuals, we must understand that when there are no more spaces available in the hospital, that is it. We should all abide by the health guidelines given by the health professionals. The basic frequent hand washing, mask wearing and staying one’s distance has proven to be effective since time immemorial. As a child, I remember my granny would insist on our washing our hands, our removing shoes before entering the house, our covering our mouths when coughing or sneezing, and avoiding those who had the flu. All these are age-old practices, which are great in the fight against any virus.

We all understand that governments around the world are frustrated by this pandemic because it is costing them time, battering economies, widening the poverty gaps and most importantly lowering their political ratings, which may eventually relegate their party to the proverbial back of the political bus — opposition.

The French president has but nine months or so to convince his citizens that he is deserving of another term in office. His handling of the pandemic will be judged at the polls like many other governments whose elections are constitutionally due in short order. <
br> — Pastor Carlyle Peart

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