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Did We get SWING?

Did We get SWING?

Dear Editor,

Not sure what to make of the recently aired news item about fully vaccinated patients dying of coronavirus at Princess Margaret Hospital. Since the definition of fully vaccinated has been changed, by fully vaccinated, I mean doubly jabbed for all except the Janssen shot. Is the announcement of fully vaccinated people counted among the dead news or just the authorities finally trying to appear to be transparent? Or is there an ominous agenda behind this?

Like me, many people were wondering when this “news” was going to be made public, since almost every other person you talk to either knows someone who is fully vaccinated and has either died or has contracted the virus. Not only have they contracted the virus but have also been hospitalized. So, I pose the question, what exactly is behind this public acknowledgment?

If you have been following the world news, you would probably have realized that there is a clarion call for the fully vaccinated to get a booster. This news of the booster has caused many who took the jab to have great remorse and regret, since their understanding of what constitutes a vaccine such as polio, measles, mumps, and rubella, et al, have been shattered. They took the jab with a knowledge that they were doing their civic and neighborly duty to protect themselves and others, especially with advertisements such as, “One and done”.

Others took the jab for travel purposes. Many of them are now surprised, shocked, and frightened, as one of my friends’ aunt would say to learn that doubly jabbed individuals are now being classified as unvaccinated: Wait! They can’t be in the unvaccinated camp. How can they be when they have been tainted? They need to find another word for them. Isn’t this pandemic about division anyway?

We have single, unmarried, married, and divorced. No formerly married person ever returns to the single category. They are labeled as divorced. The formerly fully vaccinated need to be in another camp. I have the perfect new word. Since we use bi for two, they should be bi-vaccinated, and those who take the booster should be tri-vaccinated. But they can’t go back to being unvaccinated.

Some countries have changed their definition of fully vaccinated from doubly jabbed or one and done to all that plus booster. Failure to show proof of the booster would render them ineligible for entry to restaurants, cinemas, cafés, and foreign nationals would be denied entry to certain countries. I put it to you that other countries will follow soon. Ain’t that something?

What sort of mind games are being played on us? I reckon that the news of fully vaccinated now being numbered among the deceased is to psychologically prepare the doubly jabbed individuals that their efficacy has waned and they have now been relegated to the unvaccinated camp, which many of them so scornfully loathe. Oops! I meant bi-vaccinated camp. How else can the competent authorities justify the booster if no fully vaccinated person has ever died in The Bahamas?

The goalpost is constantly being moved.

We have been told that at least 65 percent of the population needs to be doubly jabbed in order to reach herd immunity. That percentage has shown very little dent in the reduction in the spread of COVID-19.

Gibraltar, probably the most vaccinated place on earth, has all its residents doubly vaccinated and are now considering the booster as their COVID-19 cases are beginning to spiral out of control again. They have canceled major Christmas events. Should I even mention Malta, Israel, Chile, and Singapore that have a substantial number of their population doubly jabbed yet cases are still rising?

What I find to be asinine is the fact that those countries that are lagging behind in vaccination are still pressing on with this end goal in mind in spite of overwhelming evidence that achieving herd immunity by vaccination is a farce.

Do we need Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder to tell us the vaccine-only approach isn’t working?

Why can’t we do like what the national anthem says, “Press(ing) onward, march together to a common loftier goal”. All of us want to see the number of COVID-19 infections reduced but we have got to talk and regain each other’s trust. Try other methods since evidence abounds that the vaccine-only approach isn’t working. Are we going to wait for another wave to have a lockdown to further damage the social, mental, financial, familial, and economic health of our country?

Once we “lift our heads to the rising sun – science” and heed the advice of those who are actually treating the patients with repurposed drugs and are getting great results and not the public health officials who have seemingly highjacked science, then “the world will mark the manner of our bearing, Bahamaland!”

– Pastor Carlyle Peart

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