OPTIMIST is a committed group of doctors, medical professionals, pastors, lawyers and concerned citizens banded together to promote an expanded protocol in the COVID-19 fight, which includes the use of Ivermectin and other therapeutics to save more lives.

Goals: Our “Pillars of Purpose Points" (PPP):

Sports, Vaccine, and Mandates

Sports, Vaccine, and Mandates

The wrong timing or the wrong combination could be detrimental to the country, the sporting federations, and our youth.

Mandating that all persons or even spectators at sporting events be vaccinated will be detrimental to all. By doing so, you will most likely be eliminating over 50 % of the athletes from participating, and at many events, their parents from enjoying the benefits of sports. With less than 50 % of the country that are vaccinated, and most likely a much larger percentage of our youth (17 year olds and younger), stopping them from doing sports would prohibit them from doing the very thing that is keeping them healthy and resisting covid.

Here is my reasoning backed up by supporting scientific research and results. A lot of people seem to be stating certain “FACTS” with no backup of evidence. 

  1. Our youth are less likely to get covid and a lot less likely to die. ( From US statistics-www.statista.com/statiatics/1191568/reorted-deaths-from-covid-by-age-us
  2. Exercise is good and keeps you healthy and increases your resistance to covid. I know the government is pushing wellness for all its citizens which includes healthy eating habits and exercise. ( three different studies –https://youtu.be/gsGtkoSmWhg )
  3. Actually swimming is one of the safest of sports with covid- because it takes place in chlorinated pools, and the chlorine in water is known to kill the covid virus quickly. https://www.usms.org/fitness-and-training/articles-and-videos/articles/chlorinated-pool-water-inactivates-coronavirus-in-30-seconds-study-findshttps://www.usms.org/fitness-and-training/articles-and-videos/articles/chlorinated-pool-water-inactivates-coronavirus-in-30-seconds-study-findshttps://www.usms.org/fitness-and-training/articles-and-videos/articles/chlorinated-pool-water-inactivates-coronavirus-in-30-seconds-study-finds
  4. The jury is still out on what side effects there could be from our youth taking the vaccines at young ages. https://peckford42.wordpress.com/2021/11/09/top-doctors-at-summit-today-healthy-children-shall-not-be-subject-to-forced-vaccination/
  5.  The additional cost for each family is a further burden that will hinder participation in sports.


Andy Knowles – Athlete and Coach

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