OPTIMIST is a committed group of doctors, medical professionals, pastors, lawyers and concerned citizens banded together to promote an expanded protocol in the COVID-19 fight, which includes the use of Ivermectin and other therapeutics to save more lives.

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Reasons to consider Not Vaccinating Your Children

Reasons to consider Not Vaccinating Your Children

OPTIMIST does not believe there is a sufficient need to vaccinate your healthy children against the disease COVID-19 or the virus Sars-COV-2 with any of the novel “vaccines” for the following reasons:

1.There is no COVID emergency for healthy children.









5. Independent research studies confirm natural infection offers immune protection which is long term and there is no additional benefit gained by vaccination after natural infection. On the contrary there is evidence that there is greater risk of vaccine injury in this case.

7. There is no reliable long term safety data for these “vaccines”. Let us not forget the lessons of Thalidomide where 1,000’s of serious malformations occurred in babies before safety signals were recognized.

9. These novel gene vaccine technologies were not fully tested before release. Since release there have been a flood of alarming safety signals in all the passive monitoring systems such as VAERS, Yellow Card, EudraVigilance. These have all shown alarming signs of serious immediate and long-term safety concerns. In the VAERS database COVID-19 vaccines show several times the combined rate of injury and death of all other vaccines administered over the past 30 years.

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